Wincham are Lawyers, Accountants and Tax Advisers and have been market leaders helping clients purchase and own properties abroad within a UK Limited Company structure since 1994.

Wincham are now replicating our successful model and supplying these services to the UK Buy to let market, allowing clients to benefit from our expertise in this field.

Market trends show UK Buy to Let Mortgages are being lent to UK Companies in higher numbers, so refinancing is much easier to plan for.

If you own UK Investment property in your personal name which is mortgage free then Wincham can help you place your property into an independent UK Limited Company structure with minimal or no Stamp Duty or UK Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to pay.

Reasons to own UK investment property within a UK Limited Company.
  • The Resale of a UK Limited Company holding a property could have no 0.50% share transfer Stamp Duty.
  • £2000 Dividend Tax Free per Shareholder.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning and in many cases, zero tax to pay.
  • Only 19% Corporation Tax to pay on profit, compared to 40%+ for personal income Tax bands.
  • Reduction of Capital Gains Tax.
  • Any advances you make to your Limited Company can be drawn out by the way of a Directors Loan, Tax free.
  • Mortgage interest Tax allowance against Company income.
What Wincham will provide:-

Our professional and experienced staff will assist you by placing your Investment property into a UK Limited Company in the most Tax efficient way by supplying the following:-

  • Wincham will form a UK Limited Company including UK Registered Office and Company Secretary for 12 months and the clients are Shareholders and Directors.
  • A UK Capital Gains Tax calculation demonstrating there is no CGT when investing the property into your UK Company.
  • Wincham would act as Accountants for the UK Ltd Company making sure the asset is managed correctly and accurately within UK current legislation.
  • Once instructed, Wincham will review the property Title deed and supply a brief report.
  • Complete the Transfer / Investment of the property into the UK Ltd Company.
  • Oversee the SDLT Return (Stamp Duty Land Tax Transfer exemption) and Application to the Land Registry.
  • Structure the Company so that on future sale the onward buyer can save the Stamp Duty.
  • Wincham will provide an on-Line Case management access for Clients to see their Company, Property and future ownership in real-time via our secure Client login at our website -


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